Generals Zero Hour Elite Hunters

MOD Elite Hunters & Elite Hunters Lots of heavy and unique combat units, for different tactics and strategies. And unique combat units to strengthen frontal attacks, strengthen the siege of enemy bases and protect your bases! This mod will allow you in a new behavior for artificial intelligence to look at the battles with the computer in a new way or the battles on the Network. The mod is somewhat balanced if both sides use the new advanced weapons in the mod. A lot of changes in the graphics of the game in general and more additions you will find inside the mod!

Video for mod

Download Mod
322 MB
Download Mod + Game
775 MB


  1. نقلته وما يتفعل كأني ما اضغط التفعيل غريبه

  2. شكرا بس شو الفرق بين الملفين
    اذا نزلت العبة كاملة مع المود انزلها أثبتها وتشتغل على طول
    بدون ما انسخ ملفاتها في ملف للجرنال زيرو

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