Corinth Challenge For Generals ZH

Corinth is a beautiful planet in the Arthandir Galactic republic sector. Now you have chance to fight in challenge there.

Part of the World of Infinitas project.

Players : 3
Recommended to fight by 1 player with 2 Hard AI

Map style:
Defense (1 vs 2)

Corinth is a planet in Arthandir republic sector. One part of it is under republican goverment control. Second part - is under control of Elfurr empire.
Landscape is a very beautiful. Player must fight in the Elfurr territory. Near his base there is a big pyramid of king Senuhsert III, not far from it there is a temple for Farruh empire diplomates. But the other part of planet, which is in the north of map, is under control of Republic. There is a territory of foreigh state.

Border is a giant river Corinthia. Nobody must reach it without the special permission.



3 Reinforcement pads near the base of player. But enemy can capture it in some seconds.

Its better fight in this map against 2 Aviation generals or GLA. You will have a lot of fun!


Install it to Maps folder and activate from skirmish game mode.
Its possible to use with other mods. I recommend you Contra 007 or higher, or maybe also Reborn.

Map author - DSovskiy
Scenario and idea author - BagaturKhan


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