Generals Zero Hour Contra Invasion 2021

Contra Invasion is a global addon/rework of the Contra 007/009 mod.
The mod is automatically updated via the launcher!
The main idea of ​​the mod is to keep the original Contra 007 gameplay and add more variety.
What has changed:
3 generals have been added - one for each of the parties to the conflict:
☢ USA - Heavy Armored Forces
☢ China - Secret Technologies
^ GLA - Military Dictatorship
⚠ The remaining 12 Generals of Contra 007 have been reworked in terms of visuals, and minor balancing changes have been made.
⚠ Each of the 15 generals has their own super-weapon (for example, only the Chinese nuclear missile remained with the nuclear general - the rest of the Chinese have a new super-weapon. The same applies to the USA and GLA)
⚠ Sixteenth side of the conflict - Russia is available as mercenaries from the captured building
⚠ Bugs fixed Contra 007
⚠ Convenient new interface
Attention to nonsense and trivialities
⚠ New translation
⚠Improve voice acting
⚠ Reworked Bots
⚠ New Maps
⚠ Enhanced and Enhanced Effects

Generals Zero Hour Contra Invasion 2021

Video For Mod

Download Mod
1.88 GB


  1. Do i need the 007 Contra Mod then or something else?
    or is it Stand alone? cause i got some issues with the mod..

    1. we all got issues but this RTS guy doesnt help us.

  2. this game is unmplayable. it is impossible to play against GLA. you are victorious within couple seconds in the game. you may have been lucky toplay usavs china and vise versa if the game doesnnot crashes to desktop.

  3. is their an instruction file to follow for installing the mod, any help would be appreciated

    1. It's a standalone mod meaning you don't need to install anything just extract the files and play the game seriously do people not know google exist?

  4. hi, please help me!! Everything is pink in the game

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