Generals Zero Hour Contra Invasion 2021

Contra Invasion is a global addon/rework of the Contra 007/009 mod.
The mod is automatically updated via the launcher!
The main idea of ​​the mod is to keep the original Contra 007 gameplay and add more variety.
What has changed:
3 generals have been added - one for each of the parties to the conflict:
☢ USA - Heavy Armored Forces
☢ China - Secret Technologies
^ GLA - Military Dictatorship
⚠ The remaining 12 Generals of Contra 007 have been reworked in terms of visuals, and minor balancing changes have been made.
⚠ Each of the 15 generals has their own super-weapon (for example, only the Chinese nuclear missile remained with the nuclear general - the rest of the Chinese have a new super-weapon. The same applies to the USA and GLA)
⚠ Sixteenth side of the conflict - Russia is available as mercenaries from the captured building
⚠ Bugs fixed Contra 007
⚠ Convenient new interface
Attention to nonsense and trivialities
⚠ New translation
⚠Improve voice acting
⚠ Reworked Bots
⚠ New Maps
⚠ Enhanced and Enhanced Effects

Generals Zero Hour Contra Invasion 2021

Video For Mod

Download Mod
1.88 GB

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  1. Do i need the 007 Contra Mod then or something else?
    or is it Stand alone? cause i got some issues with the mod..