Generals Zero Hour Specter 1.7.5

 Specter is a full-fledged Generals Zero Hour mod, and the mod's last name was "The War in Iraq". We recently changed the name of the mod to better match the mod's content, so that the template was redesigned from the ground up in 2012 to fit the best possible experience, and offers endless possibilities. Important and rare opportunities for ZH, a persistent artificial intelligence system, models and textures made to real life standards, so we don't have any fictional being in our way, as he himself will focus on real armies, their equipment, costumes, features (for now)

Video For Mod

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  1. hi nice job i like your mod! keep it up!

    can you please tell me how i can increase the range of sight because the ai are shooting from no where, thanks and keep it up

  2. Good, I love this sound effects.

  3. Не работает Генеральское повышение,опыт попросту не набирается

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