Generals Project Tomahawk Storm 1.2 Beta

PT:S is an enhancement mod for C&C Generals, bringing new content of all types to the fray. Take control of special weaponry or massive numbers up the PRC's sleeve, high tech precision weapons and rapid deployment which only is readily visible with the American arsenal, or use the battlefield and all its hidden resources available to you as the GLA. Tackle an enhanced AI that uses their own powerful arsenal as well, being ruthless and never giving a time for rest.

After three years, PTS Version 1.2 Beta is now available and ready for download! This release aims to include more content for each of the three factions, enhance/add new mechanics, as well as implement thorough fixes of bugs and glitches reported in previous releases.

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1.44 GB


  1. Wonderful mod 1 of the best and can we upgrade AI to fight better on a hard mode when u fighting GLA forces and wish i had this mod on Zero Hour . Great job guys keep it up !

  2. Project Tomahawk Storm or Contra Invasion 2022?

  3. any one can help didn't work for me, 'serious error', every other modes worked for me

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