RA2 Reloaded Mod

C&C:Reloaded - > New YR mod that blends the Tiberian Sun Universe with the Red ready 2 Universe in a similar game (Requires RA2:Yuri's Revenge Expansion)... 2 New Sides... New Tecnologies... 3 Common Enemies: Soviet Union, Yuri and Kane however just one can overwhelm the World!!! Pick Your Destiny Commander: * Allies have Powerful High Tech Weapons and Units. * Soviet Union have Brute Force and gigantic masses of troops available to them. * Global Defense Initiative have High Tech Units and Weapons. * Yuri can utilize their Psychic Weapons to perturbate foe troops. * Brotherhood of Nod utilize progressed lethal Weapons dependent on Tiberium Technology. Yuri needs to overwhelm every one of the autonomous personalities to subjugate them under a solitary power and control... Kane... It will complete transform the planet (The New combined World with the Allies and Soviets Reality) into the Tiberian world that he predicts like "the evolution"... Innovation of the Peace... You should pick just 1 armed force... No one but 1 can Dominate to...

RA2 Reloaded Mod

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