Generals zero hour Map ( Taladusia - The New War )

Taladusia planet map, but with more interesting changes. Now its a hard challenge for 1 player, who need to fight with 2 modernized AI.

Part of the World of Infinitas project

Taladusia - The New War.

What is it? For now its a new version of old map (2 players), and now its have 3 players. But its not at all. For now this is a challenge for 1 player, who need to fight 2 powerful AI.
I afraid, its not compatible with mods, and better use this version in original ZH game.

AI there is modernized by skilled coder Cetx (Ilya).

Player must be in the high corner, below - must be 2 enemies.

If you want to see hellish challenge, make your enemies - GLA or China nuclear general. And choose the most difficult faction to play, for example Aviation general or Chinese Tank general.

Map authors: Yug-server (map, design), BagaturKhan (scenario), Cetx (powerful AI, new elements)

Taladusia - New War (challenge)

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