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Generals Zero Hour Contra Invasion 2022 Mod

Generals Zero Hour Contra Invasion 2022 Mod

Most of these additions have been modified
Contra Invasion is a global addon/rework of the Contra 007/009 mod
The mod is automatically updated via the launcher!
The main idea of ​​the mod is to keep the original Contra 007 gameplay and add more variety
What has changed
3 generals have been added - one for each of the parties to the conflict
☢ USA - Heavy Armored Forces
☢ China - Secret Technologies
 GLA - Military Dictatorship
 The remaining 12 Generals of Contra 007 have been reworked in terms of visuals, and mino
 balancing changes have been made
 Each of the 15 generals has their own super-weapon (for example, only the Chinese nuclear missile remained with the nuclear general - the rest of the Chinese have a new super-weapon. The same applies to the USA and GLA)
 Sixteenth side of the conflict - Russia is available as mercenaries from the captured building
 Bugs fixed Contra 007
 Convenient new interface
Attention to nonsense and trivialities
 New translation
Improve voice acting
 Reworked Bots
 New Maps
 Enhanced and Enhanced Effects

Video For Mod

Download Mod
2 GB

Contra Invasion

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  1. MASTER OF ART! thank you so much for the talent and keep it up))

  2. is it stand alone ?

  3. it wont work it wont start at all i dont know why

  4. Did you install the original game on your device first before downloading mods?

  5. the ai always give up at the beginning skrimish, pls help

  6. Can update the graphics improvements of C&C Generals (original) and Zero Hour?!

  7. I start a skirmish game, after 10 seconds the srceen is black, but the game is still running. what can i do.