Saikong Rush Map : Generals Zero Hour

Now you`re fighting in the planet Saikong, territory of the mightiest Farruh empire. This is the planet of ancient temples and beautiful shrines.

Part of the World of Infinitas project

Players: 2

Singleplayer: yes

Multiplayer: yes (more comfortable)

Ancient planet of Farruh empire. Land of beautiful temples and shrines.

AI level: very agressive

Mods available: better to use with Contra mods

Bonus things: there are some neutral buildings around, you can capture it to have additional units
(it depends on mod, if you`re playing ZH original or Contra, you can use las gen units or nuclear gen)

Map authors:
Gendour (map, design), CETX (coder), BagaturKhan (scenario)

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