Gambra Rebellion Mission

Another one mission for Zero Hour about sci-fi universe of A.Krokhmal. Now you need to fight with help of president Shein against his enemies.

Part of the World of Infinitas project

Based on the EA`s map (Chemical gen challenge).

Year: 2574 AD. Location: Nargon Planet, Azistan system, Far Worlds sector

Main task:
Destroy the rebel sheihs alliance's forces. In the Gambra sector, you must destroy their base. According to intelligence, sheihs are plotting terrorist attacks against the president. Stop the slime of the rebels and their leaders. You possess Alamgir's will! He is looking forward to your win.

New changes: new weapons of many units, new effects, new units and new special powers.

This mission is like a mod. Its not ordinary map for ZH, its have a lot of things in Map-Ini

Map authors:
Cetx (AI, design, scripts, coding), BagaturKhan (plotline, scenario, plans)

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