Generals 2 v1.61 EN Remastered (2022)

This is a MOD for Command Conquer: Red Alert 3, Game camp for "Asian-Pacific Allance (APA), European Union (EU), Global Liberation Army (GLA). For Zero Hour, Tiberium Wars, and Red Alert 3, Command & Conquer: Generals 2 is a comprehensive conversion mod. The mod is based on a game of the same name that was never released. The Asia-Pacific Alliance, the European Union, and the Global Liberation Army are the three playable factions, same like in the original Generals 2.

Red Alert 3 Generals 2 v1.5 Remastered

Video For Mod

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  1. Able to install successfully but missing text when you load into the menu.

  2. Why not do the same for Zero Hour Generals 2?

  3. nevíte kam se ty soubory mají vložit?

  4. طريقة التثبيت في اللعبة لو سمحت ؟

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