Generals Zero Hour Ultimate Destruction Mod

It´s time for Ultimate Destruction!

This modification is a must have for all fans of Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour. It adds a brand new Faction, brutal AI updates for every General and unseen graphic effects.

Updates & Features:

- New bloodcurdling Intromap, sound effects, highly explosive particle and light effects

- Singleplayer campaigns and general challenges visually improved

- Quality of Life improvements (guard buttons / guard radius)

- Extended damage of terrain, for example through tank projectiles

- Supreme General with Skirmish AI added („Tigress“ Leiong Leang)

- Special explosions cause the screen to shake (screenshaking)

- Nuclear cannons, tomahawks & scud launchers saroficated

- Weapon upgrades playfully and visually revised

- Additional general promotions (ranks)

- Blood effects on infantry units

- Seed Capital increased up to $ 5 000 000

- Faction-related improvements like MGs for some Aircraft

- All Generals get Hardcore AI from Boxhead78: CHECK HIS PROFIL

Generals Zero Hour Ultimate Destruction Mod

    Video For Mod

Download Mod
41 MB


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